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Here comes the rain...

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The forecast calls for bumpy weather this afternoon - right about the time I expect the A/C technician to show up for the spring tune-up.

Along with the gray day: a gray mood to match. Yesterday's bout of creativity has left me feeling sapped today. As if that wasn't enough my USB reader/hub died a horrible death this morning. I tire of battling hardware issues. And don't tell me to get a Mac - unless you come bearing a huge book advance that will cover the cost of the new computer, hardware, and software. Even then I'm not convinced that swapping platforms is a panacea. Hardware dies, no matter who makes it.

If you want to come bearing the large book advance, let's talk. ;-)

Back to hardware. I dug up a USB cable for the camera so I can at least pull images off for editing.

I really, really like the idea of a USB hub/card reader. Obviously I shouldn't fall for that all-my-eggs-in-one-basket approach. I do have an all-in-one machine for my fax, but it's also my backup scanner/printer/card reader . . . SLAP! Well, it sits on the network. I've never tried that. I've also got a photo printer that will work as a card reader. Beats running down my camera batteries. Hmm. My all-in-one will scan from the network, but apparently not read cards. Okay, off to the other printer and Plan B . . . Ding Ding! Ding! See, just by reading this journal you've had a part in the creative problem solving process. I can tell you're impressed. ;-)

Well, that does make me feel a little better. Now I can at least process some pictures. Perhaps that will get the creative juices flowing.

Off to work!

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