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Monday Mumblings

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Feeling very non-productive today, so I'll mumble on about a variety of topics. Nothing planet-shaking. As long as I can stay awake I'll be a happy camper.

Yes, another bad night. We stayed up and watched the To the Manor Born special. Perhaps it was the lighting, but Peter Bowles looked either quite vigorous or rather decrepit, depending on the scene. Still, it was fun - and not quite a rehash of old, tired jokes like some of those specials.

Next time I hear that it's my duty to vote for Hillary Clinton because I'm a woman, I may scream. One should not feel duty-bound to vote for a candidate based on gender, race, or party. It's a personal decision. Does that mean I should have voted for Bush because I live in Texas? What if also I happened to be an African-American woman? And a combat vetaran? Pray tell me, what litmus test should I use? There is none. The decision to vote for a particular candidate is as complex as each person making the decision., or it darn well should be. It certainly is in my case.

There's a sort of corollary to the above: My friends and family are also complex people and make their own decisions. I don't choose friends based on their actions at the ballot box. And if that's how my friends make choices, then I'd be a sad, lonely woman with nothing better to do other than write rambling blog posts.

Wait a minute.

Yes, I am joking. I have friends, and we don't always see eye-to-eye on poltics, but that's not why we hang around each other. So there.

Just don't tell me to vote with my ovaries instead of my brain. Besides, the ovaries are are going a bit crazy right now. Why, if they had their way ... you don't want to know. Trust me on that.

On to more fun stuff. Chris spent the weekend at Project A-Kon, a honkin' huge Anime convention. I'm sure he'll be telling all over at his blog, but I will say that he ran into P.N. Elrod, and they had a nice conversation. Pat and I go way back - all the way to college. Success couldn't have happened to a nicer person. She got hers the old-fashioned way: By working her tail off.

Ah, the message I was waiting for just came through. See, I really do have a life and I was just killing a few minutes by banging out a blog entry. Sure. Right.

I'm supposed to have an eye exam tomorrow, and their office just called to say that they couldn't find evidence of insurance. Oops. Dug through my wallet. Nothing Sent an e-mail to Paul. He dug up some info and then said, "you know we got a card and I gave it to you."

Back to the wallet.

Dang. Well, it's Monday, I'm running on little sleep and obviously I need an eye exam. Two of the three conditions will no longer be present by this time tomorrow. Think I can do something about the second one?

We'll see. Now it's back to laundry then to make a call I'd been putting off until I got this matter taken care of. Whee!

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