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The Big(ish) Year-End Wrap-Up

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2019 is in the books, at least as far as accounting goes. We still have a few hours in the year left as I type this.

The bottom line is that I made a profit, and slightly more than last year. It's still not a lot, but I'm moving in the right direction and I'm declaring that a win.

It would have been better if I'd been able to get the full amount I was supposed to have been paid for a short story, but worse if I hadn't been paid at all. Go figure. Long story short, this is business. Everything that happened with that anthology was pretty much out of my control after I turned in edits. Long story, and I'm not going to dwell on it. I'm glad to have a partial payment. So often authors don't even get that. 

The really big news on the personal front is that I finally got my mom's estate wrapped up in November. That was such a time sink and source of stress that it made it difficult to get anything else done. 

The other big news was that we got two new kittens. Boy, has that been fun.

So now I'm looking forward to next year. My first job is to take a well-earned vacation. Yeah, that sounds counter-intuitive for the first of the year, but we have our reasons, one of which is that our schedules have finally aligned. We shall strike while the iron is hot and the weather is cold. Or something like that. 

I'm going to be looking for some conventions where I can mail in my art. I'd like to attend some more, but first I have to find some good ones to attend, even if I'm just there to hang out and show some art rather than be on programming.

But what do I have scheduled? A couple of cons, so far. And it looks like I'll be doing a wearable electronics workshop at some point during the year. More details as they're firmed up. So yes, I need more things on my calendar. If you know of any shows/cons I should do, drop me a line.

So, that's the story of the year in a nutshell. Thanks for sticking with me this year.

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