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Monday Mumblings Gets Back To Work

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Well, I hadn't planned to take most of last week off, but my body had other ideas. There was a stomach bug going around, and I caught it and couldn't shake it. I seem to be pretty much over it now and can get back to work.

What's on tap? Well, Octopodicon is in a couple of weeks. I think I made it into the art show, though I haven't heard back officially. I'm working on a couple of special hats, and if I don't make it into the art show, I'll put them up for sale.

Next up is WhoFest. I'll have a table in the dealers room, and I'll also be participating on programming. I'm working on some new items to be ready by then. 

Coming up in February will be ConDFW, and I'll probably be at a table during Fan Days in early February. More on that as the date approaches.

Friday I had lunch with P.N. Elrod and we talked writing. She graciously let me bounce some ideas off of her, and now I have a bit better handle on the WIP. Spent part of Friday night researching locations (again), and I think I've finally found the area I need for the main action. This is a bit of an alternate history tale, so I need to make certain events and locations work within the framework of the story. Additionally, I'm still firming up the chain of events that makes the alternate history plausible. I hope. 

This particular book has been a bear in terms of laying the framework, but I think once I finally get it done the story might come along at a good writing pace. I hope.

Must get down to work. I need to make progress on the two aforementioned hats, wash some fabric, do laundry, and sew up a couple of test items. It'll be a busy Monday.

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