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Long Day

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm propped up in bed, writing on my laptop. Trying to wind down for the night.

So why am I on the laptop when I should be trying to get to sleep? Easy. I wanted to dig up some information re: a site design. I'm staging the redesign from my laptop, which happened to be in the bedroom from when I was stretched out here last week nursing a sore knee.

There ya go.

I'm finished and starting to nod off.

We had position round in my morning league. That's when the first place team bowls the second place team, third goes up against fourth, and so on. We took three of four. Shot a 565 tonight, but am dead tired.

Spent more time on the editing project. All quotes and text appear to be in place in the final document, though I was missing a couple of illustrations. Scanned those in from the original.

Updated Look What I Found Today.

Forgot to order new contacts.

Ate Chinese food for lunch.

Exciting stuff.

Off to bed. No curly quotes in the dreams tonight, I hope.


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