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I slept for twelve hours, and it felt good.

I watched Gaudy Night  and still found that I couldn't sleep, so I got up and took one OTC sleeping pill and a couple of Ibuprofen. That was enough to push me over the edge. I hate taking the sleeping pills, but I suspect that this time it was the right thing to do.

We decided to head down to Trinity Hall for lunch. Oops. Forgot today was the St. Pat's parade in Dallas. Place was packed. We decided to try the Tipperary Inn. It was busy, but we easily found a parking space. Another "oops" moment when Paul realized he'd left his wallet at home. They weren't letting anyone in without ID. TABC rules, they said. I don't think so.

We bundled back into the car and Chris drove us back up north where we had a very late lunch at BJ's. Then we stopped at the big box home improvement store to pick up fertilizer and some spring plants. Got everything on the patio done. The herbs are potted. I have two more cyclamen plants for the front, and that will have to wait until tomorrow. I discovered that my little digger had broken.Oops again. So I cleaned off the patio and called it good.

I'm really looking forward to sitting out on the patio to write. We're into our two weeks of Spring, so I should take advantage of the pleasant weather.

Lots of physical labor this afternoon, so I hope that will be enough to push me off to sleep tonight. We shall see.


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