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Home Again, Home Again

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

We're back from SoonerCon. A great time was had by all, and we've been asked back for next year!

Saw lots of old friends and caught up with several of them. Bought a print off of Tom Kidd. This was one I just couldn't pass up, and I was glad I had brought some extra cash this year. Now I need to frame it and find a spot for it.

The "Creating Believeable Aliens" panel went over fairly well. The panel was populated with a really great group of writers, and I didn't have to do much but just sit back and let them talk. I love panels like that.

There were a few glitches, but every con has them. Speaking as programming chair for a con, it's something I know all too well.

No more cons on the horizon until August.

We came home and found the plants thirsty and a gift from one of the felines on the bedspread. I started laundry earlier than planned. There was also a message on the answering machine: My contacts are in. Wow, that's got to be a record. They ordered them on Tuesday afternoon. Generally it takes at least a week. They don't keep sonar-assisted lenses in stock. I hope I'll have the energy to get across town and pick them up in the morning.

Oh, dear. Chris just walked in from a run to the grocery store. They caught someone trying to shoplift an item - he'd allegedly shoved it down his shorts. That just begs so many rude lines ...


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