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Friday, January 30, 2009

A little late tonight, that's the way it goes.

Another day of one thing after another. I did get a few things accomplished, though. Got the package off to the charity auction, exchanged an item that turned out to be the wrong thing, did laundry, scanned pictures, put together a cool Look What I Found Today! entry, had coffee with the kid, took cat pictures, blogged, and went out to dinner.


The dinner bit was the most interesting than usual. We headed out to far west Plano to a brewpub. The occasion was Paul's birthday, which was Tuesday. We didn't feel like braving the ice for a meal, even if it was celebratory, so we put it off for a few days. We walked in just before 7:00 and were shown right to a table. An open table on a Friday night at a trendy restaurant? Must be the recession. The sushi bar next door was doing bang-up business, though. Other than those two spots, the shopping center seemed to be dead other than a few people browsing the bookstore. Who shops on Friday night when you can party? Us. We generally go to Fry's. We may not buy anything (or we end up with stuff like batteries), but it gets us out of the house.

The food was good, and I'm dead tired. I think I'll go read. I hope this won't be like last night, where I fell asleep reading, turned out the light, then couldn't get back to sleep. Grr.

Hope you get some rest, and see you next week!


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