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Ten free minutes...

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

...before I have to go start dinner.

Another packed day, and I still didn't get everything in.

Went shopping for a skirt for my costume for the next show. Anything appropriate was for wasp-waisted women only. I may have lost twenty pounds, but I'm still bee-waisted. I found a suit that will do.

Several of today's errands are of a nature that cannot be disclosed for a few days. I'll let you ponder on that for a bit. ;-)

Thomas Hawk had a very interesting post on the importance of attribution for photographs. One of his photos was used at another web site without attribution or permission. It wasn't a matter of money, but a matter of credit. The web site in question did the right thing. So did Thomas Hawk. Not only would have he been justified to rant about the issue, he could have made the other web site look really bad. Instead, he chose to take the high road. Good for him.

Drat. I just remembered that I left a CD in the trunk of the car. Good thing it isn't hot today.

My ten minutes is up. Must go start dinner. Guys will be hungry...

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