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I am tired. Apologies for not posting a picture yesterday. Everything just got away from me. Tomorrow is the Round Robin, but I do have a picture to post today. Two, perhaps, to make up for yesterday.

The DI team got quite a bit done yesterday. Due to the rules of the program I can't talk about specifics of their presentation yet, but I can say that things are finally pulling together. I had my doubts.

Chris went back to school today. The fun (for him) now will be catching up on work. He did some over the weekend, but there was no way he could do the tests or the labs or some other work from home. I'm assured that he'll have plenty of time to make up his work; I'm just worried about him maintaining elibibility. I've been given the name of someone at the school that I can contact. I would hope that unavoidable circumstances like illness wouldn't cause loss of eligibility, but I don't make the rules. I'll have to live with whatever they say. Otherwise, I could risk the DI team being disqualified if an ineligible player competes at the tournament. Either situation isn't fair to Chris or the rest of the team but we'll have to deal with it.

Gads, I hope that didn't sound like a whine. I didn't mean it to be that way at all. This is the time of year for DI when frustration sets in. You couldn't tell by the tone of last week's entries, could you? ;-) I freely admit to whining there. Sorry about that.

The living room looks like a war zone, which is typical.

Wait: It always looks like a war zone. So what could be worse? A natural disaster? Hey, that's an idea! I'll get the governor to declare my living room a natural disaster and then I can apply for Federal funds. It's an election year, why not?

I am joking about Federal aid, but not the state of my living room.

Now the weather forecast is calling for a slight chance of freezing rain and sleet over the weekend. I suspect that will probably do in the few peach buds that didn't die over the past weekend. Sigh.

Miss Snark's blog today pointed up something over at Making Light. That post points to a web site that collects rejection letters. I'm not going to link directly there because I'd like you to read the story before you read the letters. I went through some of the letters. The reactions ranged from incredibly whiny to a virtual shrug of the shoulders and a declaration that the author would press on. Interesting stuff.

Which reminds me that I need to do some serious writing this week. It was important to put everything aside when the kid got sick, but now I have to catch up. I will post a picture before I run along.

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