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I'm Back ... Sort Of

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And I managed to lose an entire entry. Drat.

Let's see. What was I talking about? Oh, yes: The shiny new FenCon web site. That's what's taken up some much of my time lately. That, and other convention business.

Big props to Michael Braun for the design and Ed Dravecky for the HTML work. My stuff? Well, the bit you can see is the Guests page. Kinda boring, unless you know about the entire database-driven backend that went into it. You'll see more when we start to put our schedule online later.

Chris and I went to Borders today to buy the new Jim Butcher book along with a few other items. I'm still doing some research.

Darned if Chris didn't run into a friend there. It happens every time. It's hard for me to believe that young people don't go to bookstores when I keep seeing this happen.

Or maybe it's just a conspiracy to make me think college kids are going to bookstores. That must be it.

I'm off to read. Still doing research, and that had fallen by the wayside. Time to pick it back up.


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