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Friday, July 31, 2009

What a day. I'm getting a few minutes of rest before it's time to start dinner. Drinking mass quantities of water, too.

We went out for our morning coffee and then decided to visit the Friends of the Plano Public Library book sale. I walked home with an armload of books - including enough stuff to revive What Is It? Wednesdays - for a little bit of money. And there was much rejoicing.

Chris presented me with tuition bills, and they got paid. Then he presented me with book lists, and we decided to hit the two campus bookstores and get used volumes while we could. Collin College's bookstore is closed on Fridays during the summer. So we decided to go to UTD.

Long story very short, we got one of his books and got his student ID and parking pass. This involved several trips back and forth between buildings in the heat among construction. One amusing poster in the Student Union building was for Student Government: "Serving students since 1975!" To whom, I ask? To whom?

Then we ran a few errands. I am dead tired and hot. Maybe I'll sleep tonight.

It's time to go start dinner. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your weekend.


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