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Why I REALLY need to get cranking on Stalled Novel #1

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While working on the Grand Picture Reogranization Project (yeah, I know: the name keeps changing) I discovered some pictures from the vacation where the seeds for Stalled Novel #1 were first planted.

I have a stack of index cards sitting next to the monitor that I plan to wikify as soon as I get some desk space.

And how's that picture project going? Very well, thanks for asking. I got a LOT done today (see the Grand Central Station picture for a taste) and if I can stay awake I expect to get the last of our vacation snaps (at least all that I could find) organized by the end of the evening. For my next trick, I'll be scanning even more pictures. You know. Out of sight, out of ... whatever it is.

And yes, I just read of the passing of Arthur C. Clarke. Damn.

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