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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Spent three hours shopping! I finally found a purse that should work for me and picked up a couple of tops.

I want a couple of long-sleeved, button blouses, but am having no luck. I can find a style I want, but not in a good color or the right size. Nearly everything else in the store shouts one of three things:

"Hi, I'm not pregnant, but I sure want to look like I'm expecting."

"Pardon me while I relive the fashion disasters of thirty years ago."

"I have stepped through the portal to matronhood. Nothing lies beyond but darkness."


Extra bonus! A ladybug!


Man, those leaves sure look healthy for November, don't they? We had a cold front move through yesterday. It's 58F and probably won't get much warmer than that. Tonight's low is predicted to be 37F, which will make it the coldest night so far this season. I may need to bring some plants in tonight.

One more interesting thing happened: In the checkout lane at the store the clerk scanned my bottle of wine and darned near asked me for ID. I asked her if the graying hair and wrinkles might not have been a dead giveaway, but she said she thought I looked pretty young. It's those little things.

Okay, off to do something. Maybe I'll update the Nostaglia section. Or perhaps step away from the computer for a while longer. What a concept.

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