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Monday, March 16, 2009

Well, at least I'm getting this out on Monday!

Sitting on my (sorta) clean desk is a project I'd planned to get out of the way today, but dang it, other stuff got in the way. This project needs to be finished this week, no excuses. I'd been procrastinating on it because I was stuck on some particular, and after explaining the problem to Paul last night, he helped me find a solution. Sometimes it helps to talk it out. That's a downside to working alone.

Oh, well. I should be able to get this finished this week - if nothing else gets in the way. So much for taking a few days off during Spring Break. Such is life.

I was up late last night getting one piece of this project finished, and decided to sleep in this morning. The phone rang early. Paul answered and the caller asked, "is this the owner of this business?" Grr. Seriously. I filled out the dba paperwork so I'd be all legal, and honestly, it's led to nothing but a string of sales calls and Nigerian letters. Oh, yes: I was an early recipient of the snail mail Nigerian letter, and knew then it was a scam. Does that make me special? I thought not.

Ah, well. I ended up sidetracked with a more pressing issue. That, and I had to get some grocery shopping out of the way. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and I'll be making Guinness Stew and soda bread. Yummity yum.

The sidetracked issue caused much brain drain today, so I'll defer work on the project until tomorrow. I can only bang my head against the virtual wall for so long.


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