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Monday Mumblings Sprays The Cat

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Yep. "Sprays." It's Cat "Torture" Season, boys and girls!

"Torture," of course, is completely in the eyes - or belly, in this case - of the beholder. We prefer to call it "treatment for hot spots on the skin." This, of course, involves cleaning the affected area, then spraying it with a medicinal compound designed to soothe and heal. Or so the label says. 

Perhaps, for those coming in late to the story, I should explain. Abby, our Abyssinian, has pollen allergies. When you or I (or other humans) have an allergic reaction to pollen, we tend to sneeze. Our sinuses go into overdrive. The cat's skin itches. And like a small child, she doesn't know when to stop. And I'll stop there. You're welcome.

The treatment starts as mentioned above. If she doesn't get better, the next step is the Cone of Abject Humiliation. The step after that is Jail. "Jail," in this case means we confine her to the utility room. The reason for this is to get her away from surfaces where dust and pollen congregate. The vet explained that there's nothing we can do to keep the pollen out, unless we never, ever open the door. Even then, good luck. 

You can imagine how any of this goes over with a cat. As in Not At All Well. 

Pollen season came late for me this year, but a tad early for the cat. In both cases, it came on strong. We're both utterly miserable. At least I have some good drugs available. There's not much more we can do for the cat unless she gets an infection, and we don't want that.

And this will probably run through June or July. Lucky us! Not.

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