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This is one of those moods that hard to quantify other than to say that things just feel "right." Yesterday had a lot to do with it. It was a very up and down day. I had very little sleep the night before because I stayed up to watch the Indiana primary results. The old journalist in me loves watching a good race, what can I say?

Bowling started awful. The first game was 114 - six splits and three spares. Ouch! Rather than get upset with myself as I sometimes do, I ended up laughing at the absurdity of it all. My next two games were better: 166 and 187. My average in that league is 169.

The evening league was more interesting. Started out with a 179 and then shot a 222. I typically fall apart after such a good game, and last night was no exception. I managed to pull out a 155, and I was happy with it.

Then I managed to solve a nagging issue with the current database project. As sometimes happens, a solution came to me yesterday afternoon as I had my mind on something far removed from the problem. When I sat down last night to implement it, I quickly discovered that the solution wouldn't work. But that idea led me down another path, which meant that I was able to solve the problem by changing a single line of code.

I love it whan a plan comes together.

And last night - for a change - I went to bed without my mind racing on a million topics and mostly slept through the night. Woke up once, went down that euphemistic hall, and got right back to sleep. This morning I turned off the alarm and slept for an extra hour. I deserved it. The last thought I remember before falling asleep was that it had been a good day overall, but I'd managed to stay on a very even keel emotionally. Even when I was very upset at myself I was able to blow it off, and when I hit what normally would have been a high, I simply felt satisfied.

This morning I sat down at the desk with a better attitude and promptly discovered and fixed another bug.

Yep, I have writing stuff to discuss as well. Photos to post after I get around to processing. The writing material I'll save for a separate post. For the moment I'm just going to savor my drink (water, if you must know) and smile.


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