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Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm late today as I've been out shopping all morning. I assure you I've only been buying stuff I need! Our coffee group planned a field trip to IKEA today. We got there late. Chris stopped at school to get his schedule and it wasn't available. When he went to the counselor's office she told him that she had to make a last-minute change, but he can't pick up his new schedule until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I ask you: What's wrong with clicking the PRINT button? School starts next Wednesday, and I'm sure he'd like to be on time for his early class. What a mess.

My goal at IKEA was to get some narrow shelves for my bathroom. In my continuing quest to redo one room at a time I tackled the bathroom yesterday. Actually, it was more like a full frontal assault. I was even on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor. I decided that while I was at it (and going to IKEA anyway) that I should determine how to better organize the bathroom. This is one of those half baths with a shower, a toliet, a sink, and a built-in linen closet. I can manage 4" wide shelves in a couple of spots, so finding something appropirate was a challenge. I think I managed. I also found a set of baskets marked down to $5 from $15 that I can use to hold loose things like hair scrunchies.

I also had another roll of shelf liner on the list. And while I was there I thought I'd look at curtains. The curtains in our bedroom take a lot of abuse from the cats, so I hate to spend a fortune on window treatments. I found some really nice tab panels in their clearance area for $10 each. I can't make them for that. If these curtain's don't work in the bedroom, they'll work in the living room. I need new curtains there, but I'm trying to decide if I want to purchase or make new ones.

So all in all, it was a good trip. Those curtains regularly go for $59 for two panels, and I got away with paying less than that for everything! I love a bargain!

I'm bummed, though. My macro filters still have not arrived. If they don't come tomorrow I'll have to drop a line to the seller. This would be the second item on eBay that hasn't been delivered. Well, the first one was, but my mail was supposed to be on hold and the package got left. By the time we got home it had been taken from our porch. First class shipping shouldn't take this long.

Oops. I went and checked back on the listing, with the intention of dropping the seller a line. I could have sworn the seller was in the US. It's being shipped from India. Well, I guess I get to wait.

I did spend a little time playing with RAW photos on my camera. The results have been interesting, but nothing good enough to post yet. I do have a picture to post in a few minutes.

Finally, I had a breakthrough on the script last night. I guess I'd written myself into a bit of a corner, but I think I've figured out what needs to be fixed so I can continue on. Much rejoicing. Diet update: After one week I've lost ten pounds. Wow. My clothes do fit better, but I still have a very long way to go. I can't imagine that I'll lose as much weight in the second week, though if I did I could fit into a pair of pants hanging in the back of my closet. I bought them new when I was losing weight a couple of summers ago, and I think I wore them twice. I got stressed out and put on weight again. Oddly enough, I'd dropped them with some other clothes that are going to charity, but this morning I decided to pull them out on the chance that I'll be able to wear them soon. When I tried them on before I could barely get them over my hips. I could do that this morning, but they won't button. Soon, perhaps.

Picture is coming. Then housework and laundry. Joy.

ETA: I lied. On two counts. The curtains were $29.99 for two panels, and I ended up going over $60. Shame on me. On the other hand, I had purchased the four panels to replace four in our bedroom. These are twice as wide, and so I only need two. The others are the same size as the panels I have in the living room. So it's really a bargain!

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