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Well, the crud continues to creep. I've heard it can stick around for a while, and I'll be quite happy if it packs its cruddy bags and leaves, thank you very much.

At least it doesn't take much throught or energy start printing things out for the weekend, so that's how I'll be spending my time until I need to leave for bowling. Hope I can make it through THAT tonight.

Once I get back into town I need to buckle down and finish the radio script. 70 pages. Oy. I think I can do it. I've got a hook. Now I just need to finish working out the plot.

I'm afraid we're just about into the dog days of summer. I hate to say that with July only halfway gone. There's actually a twenty percent chance of rain tonight. I made sure to give the plants on the patio a good soaking today. Of course, it does no good to tempt Murphy and his law. But I try. Oh, do I try. I even ran the car through the wash today, for all the good it will do.

A quick catch-up on the cell phone saga: I did send an e-mail to their customer service department praising W., who straightend out virtually all of our problems last night. They wrote back a nice note thanking me for taking the time to write. As frustrated as I get with incompetent customer service folks, I feel that it's only fair to single out the good ones for praise.

It's a long story, but we were denied a rebate because we hadn't signed a new service agreement. Well, what was the contract I had in my files? Mulch? We were also supposed to get a credit for turning in our old equipment and that was refused. The girl who helped us before had no clue about the program. W. gave us a service credit instead of the rebate, and got us a credit for turning in the phone. He also solved a minor, but nagging issue with the names on each line. My name shows up on the Caller ID for each line. Customer service swore they'd fixed it but didn't. He took care of that. Yay! The Caller ID was minor, but the $80 worth of service credits was significant. Much rejoicing.

Time for bowling. Let's see if I survive the night...

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