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And the summer winds down .. .sort of

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Tomorrow marks the first day of school where I live. No, I'll spare you my usual rant. You're welcome. What this really means is that I'll be getting back into a normal routine - or at least as close to normal as possible.

Yep, it's still hot. August is broiling, and we're looking at temperatures of at least 100 all week. That, however, is typical for August in North Texas. Hopefully the temperatures will start to inch downward by the end of the month. Then in October we'll have our two weeks of Fall.

Yesterday was another unusually moderate day; a repeat of Sunday's scattered thunderstorms with cooling outflows. We didn't get more than a few drops of rain, but anytime the temperature drops into the lower 80s during the day is a good time.

I actually got some stuff done yesterday: I cleaned the desk, got the laptop set back up in its spot, finished the invoicing, and finished some long-overdue updates to HouseFans.net. Oh, yes: The new macro filters arrived, but you'll know that if you've seen the pictuure entry below. I wish I could get Midnight to stay still for pictures. The best time for me to shoot her is when she's very sleepy or just waking up.

On tap for today: More work on HouseFans.net and a run across town for new contact lenses and some food. Tonight is the traditional last dinner of the condemmed man, I mean the last blow out before school starts. I told Chris last night that this may be his last meal of this sort since this is his final year of compulsory education. Next year, it'll be peanut butter and crackers in celebration of our first tuition payment! Oy.

I need to run and get our errands out of the way. A picture later, if I remember.

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