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Coming Out From Under My Rock For A Few Comments

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yes, I'm still installing software. And no, I'm not finished, though I'm making progress. It's not just the install process. There's the process of updating, customizing, and so forth. Oh, well. I'll get there.

So, what have I been watching today, besides installation progress bars?

The stimulus package. I'd say "good gravy!" but that's the last thing we need for all that pork. This isn't a competition to see how many local projects can be tossed in to a bill. Attack the worst problems first and save the rest for later. But that would be ... logical. I don't think anyone in Washington knows that word, except, perhaps, the president. He's a Trekkie.

And speaking of the man at the top, before you waste all of your good will, sir, would you please consider pushing a line item veto power through? Congress can always override the veto, or they can rework the bits for other bills. But this practice of tacking crap onto legislation has to stop.

What's the deal with cabinet nominees and tax returns? Is anyone in Washington honest? I'll concede that the tax code can be tough - especially for people with lots of money who can take advantage of all the arcane loopholes. It's simple, otherwise: make money, pay taxes. It's what the folks who voted you into office do, and it's what they expect of you.

Justice Ginsberg has pancreatic cancer. That's tough, and I wish her the best.

And, finally, an odd "maple syrup" smell in NYC was traced to ... you guessed it. They can't get a break over there, can they?

Off to start dinner and then catch up on a few things. Friday stuff tomorrow, I hope!

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