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Thursday, May 29, 2008

I don't think I am.

My laptop computer seems to be going a bit wonky. I knew I should have bit the bullet and picked up one of those $500 laptops at Fry's a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps some maintenance will help. I know there's an 80 GB drive in there, and the system thinks it's a 55 GB drive, and that it's full. I seem to be having trouble uninstalling programs. Well, I suppose if the hard drive is failing, then that would be less money than buying a new laptop. That would be TWO dead drives on that computer.

And yet another problem: When I reboot, Windows insists I don't have a firewall turned on, but when I go to the security settings all is well. Sigh.

I'm deleting files and uninstalling programs to free up space. Will see what happens.

Our evening bowling league started up last night. We get a one week break in the morning, but last night we were informed that there will be no more breaks between seasons. Those occasional breaks do me a lot of good. I guess that doesn't make me a serious bowler, huh?

When I walked in last night one of the owners of the place walked up to me with an envelope. "Oh, ye of little faith," he said, as he handed me a small amount of cash. Seems he and I came in 8th in the sweeper. I didn't hang around because I'd bowled so lousy. Turned around and spent most of it on dinner at the snack bar. No, it wasn't a lot of money.

Set a 169 average last night, which felt good. What really felt good though was that I found a way to work with the dry lane conditions that was comfortable. The method that usually works is to throw a perfectly straight ball. My ball isn't drilled for that, and it kills my fingers. Anyway, this felt a lot better. Now I just have to figure out how to get those ten pins. I have a second ball that doesn't break quite as much, but it needs some repair. Guess I ought to see to that.

Hmm. Just deleted a truckload of files and uninstalled some huge apps and I still don't show much more free disk space. Time for  file check.

Off to do that and get back to work on a script.

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