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Quite a day or two

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Paul ended up taking yesterday off, so I decided that it would be a good idea to step away from the computer for a day. Did some shopping and ended up buying a couple of upgrades for Chris' computer. One of his hard drives is dying, so it seemed prudent to get his data backed up on a replacement.

Slept in this morning. Had terrible nightmares last night. I had a web job and the CSS wasn't working. The graphics weren't positioning properly and the client was ticked.

Wait a minute. I had a job. That should have been a dream!

Finally dragged myself out of bed at 10:15, and thirty seconds later was hit with the realization that the electronics recycling event for the month would be wrapping up at 11:00. Ack!

The city hosts this event once a month. We have to pay to recycle gear, but they pass what the recycler charges directly to the taxpayers. I know some local retailers charge much more to recycle old monitors and the like, so this seemed like a good opportunity to make further space in the garage.

There must have been about a hundred cars in line. Holy cow! They were fast. The line moved quickly, and as it got up to the station the single line split into two. There were plenty of folks working there and they did a great job.

This afternoon Paul and I trekked down to Fair Park for the "Afternoon with Make" event. There wasn't much in the way of displays. Kind of a disappointment until we went to see the guys with the singing Tesla coils. Wow! Visit their site for video. It was amazing.

And speaking of coils, Paul decided it was time to clean the coils on the A/C after we got home. They needed it, but boy, it sure got hot in here this afternoon. The safe way to do it is to entirely shut down the unit. Since it was pushing 100F outdoors, it didn't take long for the interior of the house to heat up. It needed to be done.

We shut the lights off and watched an episode of Campion on DVD. Yeah, that show is a few years old. Peter Davison was perfect for the shrewd detective who put out an outward appearance of being rather vacant. I like Peter Davison. He played the line between frivolous and serious rather wall. Then we settled in to watch one of the last two Vicar of Dibley epsiodes. Fun stuff.

So now I'm trying to cool off and waiting for the evening Britcoms to start.

Hope I'll stay awake. I did get through the day without a nap. Now that we're into the dregs of summer, I kind of have to have a nap some days in order to function. The folks in warmer climes may have it right with the idea of an afternoon ap. I admire those folks who can switch off seemingly at will for a twenty-minute power nap. It takes me at least half an hour to get my brain in neutral gear most times. Forget the quick nap.

On tap for tomorrow: More scanning, I hope. I'd like to get this pile off of my desk and put away. Perhaps I'll just chill out and do a whole lot of nothing. Perhaps I'm due that sort of day. I'll dig up a stack of DVDs and drink a few pints of water and just relax. Then, perhaps, I can tackle Monday with renewed vigor.

Yeah, right.


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