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ConDFW Wrap-up, plus bonus housekeeping!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Had a grand time at ConDFW this past weekend. The panels were fun, and I made a little money at my table. Of course, I saw many old friends and made a few new ones.

I was sorry Charlaine Harris couldn't make it, but I do wish her the best. I'm sure she'd rather have been at a con than having her gallbladder out.

My one bit of "fun" happened on the way home. Someone ahead of me in a left turn lane suddenly backed up and stepped on the gas. I narrowly avoided getting slammed into, which is a really good thing because the truck is in the shop. That would have left us with the motorcycle. In this rainy weather. 

Spent the last two days on some minor site updates that turned into a major pain in the ass. My comments page still isn't right, but if you want to leave a comment, please follow the instructions. It'll get posted. I'm working to fix it.

Geek speak alert!

I use a Captcha on my site in an attempt to weed out spammers. Over the weekend someone started to hit the contact link. And then when I went to fix it I discovered that the Captcha I'm using will no longer be available after the end of next month. This meant installing a new one and jumping through various hoops to make it work.

In the process of doing that I updated some other software that I'm using on the site, and now the comment box is a mess. I'm using the same software to post this entry, and the box looks fine. Go figure. I'm looking into it. I've a feeling that the problem is a software conflict. I hope I'll figure it out. (Update: I'm using a different text box "thing" here, it turns out. Oops.)

So, how are things in the clean world?

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