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Hat Blocks And Sewing Machines

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This morning I did one of my thrift store runs. I try to hit a couple at a time during the week so I don't waste an entire day. Most of the time I walk out empty-handed. The idea is to get a feel for what's there so I can easily spot new stuff the next visit.

Goodwill was a big fat zilch.

The Thrift Store (that's what it's called, and they support a fine charity) had some interesting items:


I bought a new steamer! It's going to replace my current, underpowered handheld model. This one works great, but it takes a lot of pressing the button to get the steam started. I suspect the previous owner was too impatient. 

On the right is a leather newsboy hat. I'm not sure it was ever worn, but the leather needs a bit of rehab. I think it was crushed then stored.

On the left is a wooden bowl that's going to make a nifty hat block. I can't wait to have a go at shaping some material on it.

And if this the hat block is a success, I'm going to need something really heavy duty for sewing on wire and binding. Not going to ruin my two nice machines. Look what I found in the garage:


It's a Dressmaker that dates to sometime in the 1960s. I'm told Dressmaker is a Japanese Singer knock-off, but Singer does carry the manual on its web site. This baby is all-metal and it's built like a battleship. It used to belong to a Barrett relative, I believe. I know it's been in the garage storage room for a very long time, but it's clean and runs like a champ. Just needed some basic oiling and a little attention from a lint brush.

Back to cleaning house. Company on the way for dinner. I hope I'll be able to try making a hat in a couple of days.

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