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I Have A Fez Block Now
I've been struggling with making blocked (as opposed to sewn) fezzes for the last year or so. We tried making a block, and it didn't come out very well. Then I purchased a fez block from Hatshapers. While I have no complaints, the finished size/shape wasn't what I was looking for. I think it will be good for shaping wool into cones, though. We'll see.

Last week I found a fez block on Ebay. These things usually go way out of my price range, but the seller had an odd description...
9/16/2013 3:32:05 PM
Hat Blocks And Sewing Machines
This morning I did one of my thrift store runs. I try to hit a couple at a time during the week so I don't waste an entire day. Most of the time I walk out empty-handed. The idea is to get a feel for what's there so I can easily spot new stuff the next visit.

Goodwill was a big fat zilch.

The Thrift Store (that's what it's called, and they support a fine charity) had some interesting items:

11/6/2012 4:07:10 PM
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I Have A Fez Block Now
9/16/2013 3:32:05 PM

Hat Blocks And Sewing Machines
11/6/2012 4:07:10 PM

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