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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to close out a few browser tabs:

An Act relating to measures to increase the affordability of textbooks used for courses at public institutions of higher education - As a parent of a college student, I can get behind this bill. Among the mandates are notification of required textbooks - and prices - 30 days before the start of a semester, buyback programs, and "unbundling" of books. The latter is one of the biggest wastes of student money out there. Force the kid to pay $100 for a book and CD bundle. Only use the CD (or the enclosed code for online content) in class. Then refuse to buy back the unused book because the CD (and code) has been used. Yeesh. 

A bit of pink in pork is OK after all - We're talking about the stuff you grill, not the stuff that gets well, stuffed into bills. 145 degrees is apparently enough to kill bacteria and other nasties. 

That famous space shuttle photo: When is sharing stealing? - I'm glad that some news outlets did the right thing and paid Stefanie Gordon a fee for the right to use her amazing photo. This article outlines some important rights issues for both pro and amateur photographers. 

Conservative outsiders, Perry, tea party Republicans force severe budget cuts - Sadly, most of this article is behind a paywall, including the disturbing tidbit that a lobbying group puts a book on every GOP member's desk each morning, and there is considerable pressure to vote according to "the book." I did vote for some Republicans in the last election, but I voted for them to do their jobs, not to bow to lobbyist pressure. 

Good thing I cleared out all those tabs. Looks like I need to reboot to apply some updates....

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