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Monday Mumblings has its cheese moved

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Monday, February 28, 2011

The web host move is complete, though we still have a few fiddly bits to clean up, like reworking the hit counters. Oh, I know hit counters are SO 1996, but I see reworking them as a bit of a programming exercise.

So, what prompted this? I got tired of the downtime on the other host. And no, I'm not going to name names - even the new host, until I'm settled here. I will say that I had a very positive support experience already. They have a live chat feature, and when the control panel was suddenly replaced with an "under construction" message, they fixed it right away. I mean, right while I was chatting with them.

As noted above, there are always issues with moving hosts. Pardon me while I get just a tad geeky for a moment. The first issue was moving the SQL Server data. That turned out to be fairly easy with SQL Server 2008 Management Studio. My next decision was to move forward to ASP.Net 4.0 wherever possible. I have this web.config file that's grown over the years ever since .Net 2.0 was introduced. It was time to streamline, particularly since the site was throwing a nonspecific 500 error. I eventually tossed out the old config file, let the host's control panel write a new one, then started to add only the items I knew I'd need, like database connections. Then I'd test and add stuff to make whatever wasn't working run properly.

Geek stuff finished.

I think we're about there. Please let me know in the comments thread (if you're on a third-party service like Facebook, please follow the link back to here and leave a comment) if you run into problems.

Naturally, I left a tweet about changing web hosts, and ended up with a raft of robofollows. I blocked 'em. I'm thinking it's time to go back through the follow list and cull the robots out once again. I generally don't block real people unless the person does something highly annoying, like trying to aggressively sell me something - like the guy who tried to make me switch to a utility he was reselling. It was still spam.

I still need to write up a report on ConDFW. This move followed on the heels of the concrud, so I'm quite behind on things. After I take care of a few personal issues I'll see if I can write up a short report. Okay, the laundry is piling up and the bills need to be paid. How's that?

Thanks for your patience during the rather abrupt move.

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