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Monday, June 30, 2008

Second try on this journal entry. Firefox blew up real good for some reason.

First a cat update. You can read the first part of the saga here. I'm pleased to report that Abby is improving. The only problem is that she's wise to my hiding the antibiotic pills in side of treats. This morning I dipped the treat in a can of tuna flavored cat food. That seemed to do the trick. We'll see what happens tonight.

A New Jersey newspaper is reporting that oral arguments regarding the dismissal of Barbara Bauer's suit against Wikipedia are slated for tomorrow. I'll let the comments speak for themselves. As far as freedom of speech on the Internet goes, this case bears watching. But I'm not a lawyer, so what do I know?

Chris is out in the living room, saying evil things to his laptop computer. I can't blame him. He sent it off to HP for a warranty repair, and the problem does not appear to have been fixed. He's still working at it, but I can understand his frustration.

I have to say that the HP repair experience seems to have (mostly) worked well for Chris. They sent him a box via FedEx last week, and he shipped the laptop back to them before the day was done. He got it back today. Pretty fast service, and he was able to check a status page on the HP site to see how the repair was going. I hope he doesn't have to send it back to HP, but at least they pay for shipping both ways. Fortunately, he doesn't need his laptop for the class he's taking this summer.

And yet, there was another bizarre issue. The shipping box came right to our door as promised via FedEx (now Chris is important!). Today the driver couldn't find our house. We live on a major street, but most of the map services (and even the GPS location services) have the wrong address for this location. If you type in our address, it comes up on another point on the block. However, it's on the same block, and our house number is very visible. They told Chris that the address was wrong, and that they were able to correct it and send it out for redelivery. It never got here.

Chris was very tenacious and made a couple of trips to the hub (a ten minute drive from here) to get it all straightened out. He walked in with his laptop about half an hour ago. The address on the box is correct, so I don't know what was going on. They did slap a second bar code on the label, presumably when it went back out for delivery. Go figure.

This is the first time we've ever had a problem with a FedEx delivery. And then to have two drivers not be able to find the house is just bizarre. I hope this is an isolated incident. And I hope he doesn't have to send the laptop back for another repair.

It's been a busy day, mostly working on the database project. Between that and housecleaning, laundry and cat torture treatments, it's been a full day. I didn't get some of the other things I needed to do out of the way, like finally booking my hotel room for LA next year. I hope the place isn't booked up already. If so, I hope there's a nearby hotel at a (cough) reasonable price.

Well, let's see if I can get to bed at a reasonable hour and at least finish off the book I'm reading.


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