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Feline Friday

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Friday, June 27, 2008

No pictures today. Abby is ... well, I'll tell you in a moment. Midnight is in hiding because I've been running the vacuum cleaner. Bad human! Tracking in lots of cottonwood fluff lately, and it's a pain. Really.

So, Abby. She has hotspot issues on her belly. Again. We took her to the vet yesterday and he cleaned her up, and gave us some shampoo, antibiotics, and steroid spray to use on her three times a day. She's also got the E-Collar so she can't get to her hotspot.

 We've also got her living in either the utility room or one of the bathrooms (when we're doing laundry). The vet says she'll heal a lot faster if she's in an uncarpeted room.

Right now she's in the bathroom and she hates it. I suspect she sees that as the "torture room" as that's where we take her for cleaning and medication. There's a counter that's just the right height for this type of thing and a mirror to sort of distract her. It's a two-person operation, though. Chris gets to help me with this afternoon's "festivities."

She's already starting to look better, but obviously we need to follow the instructions to the letter so she can heal. We'll have to bathe her as well because she can't reach anywhere to clean herself.

So, are we having fun? Not really.

I think the load of laundry is finished. So it's back to work.


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