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Minor journal changes and other stuff

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

I've made a few formatting changes that should make the archive pages easier to read.

The Events page has been updated. We've got some more things going, but I'm not going to list them until we've got all the details nailed down.

I've also done a few "behind the scenes" sort of things. I just want to have an extra line or two of defense should this journal get hit by spammers.

And the Wikipedia drama continues. The current bone of contention is whether or not blogs should be considered reliable sources. Fortunately, there's an effort to standardize a set of guidelines for citing blogs afoot, so that may at least partially douse the flames. I say "partially" because someone will find another tidbit to complain about.

What kills me is that this whole thing is essentially devloved into a spat over who is "right" rather than what is accurate. I mentioned this yesterday. The fact is, everyone is biased. I have my own opinions on the subject of this article, but I have to set them aside when I do research. I found a source that didn't bolster my own opinion, but I presented it in the interests of accuracy.

No photo of the thermometer today. It's ten degress cooler both inside and outside. Much rejoicing.

Last night I picked up a photography mag that included a number of articles on B&W photography and enhancing pictures in Photoshop. I'd like to bolster my skills in that department; decent B&W work is the one thing I've really missed since dismantling the darkroom. Should I end up with something good I'll post.

Britcoms tonight!

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