Barrett Manor

Cascade Gardens

Festival Hall

Festival Hall and Cascades by Night.

From the back: The Exposition builders succeeded in making the electrical illumination the most spectacular feature of the World's Fair, with the Festival hall and the Cascades as the center of beauty. More than 100,000 bulbs are used to produce the effect on Festival Hall and the Cascades. These light the waterfall and the fountains and bring out every line of the buildings with great elarness.

Three colors are used, white, red and green, and Art Hill with its buildings is made to glow in any one or all three of these colors.

All the exhibit palaces are lighted every night from electric bulbs which line the corners and columns and bring out all the architectural features in lines of fire. Grand as the spectacle is bright, as the lights make the buildings, lagoons, and all, how inferior are they when compared with the lighting power of the sun which is millions upon millions of miles away! To get this photograph, under-exposed as the buildings are, it was necessary for us to expose the same kind of a dry plate at 60,00 to 75,000 times as long as was necessare to fully expose a plate like number 1500. [The same spot by day.]