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German Pavilion

German Pavilion

German Pavilion and Flowers in Cascade Garden.

From the back: This view shows why the Germans are proud of their position at the St. Louis World's Fair. The building is a reproduction of the famous Charlottenburg Schloss and its prominent site is obviousl. Standing high on Art Hill, to the east of Festival Hall, its great dome, 150 feet high surmounted by a gilded statue, is visible from every quarter of the Exposition grounds.

The pavilion is a fine type of grim medieaval architecture. It is of dull gray with a green dome and it typifies the solidarity of Germany. The original Schloss stands near Berlin, and this reproduction is only the central part. It was planned by Emporer William himself. The original was built in the seventeenth century.

From the dome ring out great chimes at noon and sunset, sending their thrilling echoes far and wide. The building is maginficently furnished as a clubhouse and place of entertainment. It contains the silver wedding presents given Emperor William by the German cities.

The two white portrait statues are of Pierre Laclede facing this way, and Daniel Boone, rifle in hand, and shading his eyes, opposite him.