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Friday, February 3, 2006

Lovely weather, this.


Normally I wouldn't call rain and 44F temps lovely, but we've been in drought conditions all winter, which will certainly change one's perspective. This is light stuff and will be gone before noon, but it's welcome. In fact, this is the third week in a row that we've had some sort of precipitation. Each rainfall has been the steady, soaking kind that is so good for the land. A drencher with a lot of runoff would be better for the reservoirs, but I'm not complaining. If people will use these rains as a reason to run their sprinkler systems less, it would help. We're on a voluntary water rationing plan right now, but the city is fining homeowners and businesses for excessive sprinkler runoff.

And therein lies a dilemma: One one hand the city tells us to water less. On the other, the Fire Department is telling us to be sure and water within about ten feet of our houses in order to minimize the fire danger. And structural experts tell us to water our foundations so they don't crack (further, in our case) in the drought conditions. Rains like this help because we can water our lawns and foundations less.

About that pictures. I shot it with my cell phone camera on our way to school this morning. Don't worry; I was in the passenger seat and Chris was driving. This may serve as the Picture o' the day. Lots to do this morning and I have visitors on the way. Enjoy your weekend.

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