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I ache, therefore I am

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Managed to do in a knee at bowling yesterday morning. I really, really hate it when that happens. While I made it through the morning set, I had to give up last night after two games. I could walk limp down the approach and let the ball go, but I couldn't put it down in the same place every time because it was tough to keep my balance. Went home and iced it down. Ouch.

It still hurts today, but I've got a brace on it, so I'll survive.

Got the Catmas card almost finished. Just a couple of little tweaks and it'll be done. After I got everything positioned and did a high-res test print, I found a piece of tinsel in an unfortunate position behind one of the cats, so that must be fixed. Said cat must know I'm blogging about her; she is tapping my arm and meowing. Give me milk. Now.

She gets one of the cat milk products out on the market. The other cat won't touch the stuff, but this one goes bonkers over dairy products. The cat milk is a good compromise. She doesn't drink that much but just loves the taste.

She is begging again, but won't stay still for a picture. She had this Puss-In-Boots (from Shrek 2) look going. Oh, please. I must have milk. It makes the perfect after-Science Diet drink, don't you know?



Finals start tomorrow, which means Chris has short days through Wednesday, and then he's outta there. Paul's vacation starts either Wednesday or Thursday, so blogging may be sporadic. Or not. I'm thinking I should photoblog the progress or organizing the home office, just to shame me into doing it.

Eau de Shame. I think I saw that fragrance at Hot Topic last week.

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