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Friday, February 28, 2014

Last weekend was ConDFW. I had a great time, and I bought something in the Art Show:


This is the "Hugonaut" sculpture by Vincent Villafranca. (I've lightened the picture a bit to show the detail.) Vincent is an amazing artist and a great guy. He designed the base for the 2013 Hugo Award. If you look closely at that picture, you'll see the Hugonaut.

I figure this is the closest I'll ever get to having  Hugo on my mantle. Also, I wanted a tangible reminder of running the awards show last year, so I'm thrilled to have this piece.

I had a bit of a sinus problem going on at ConDFW, so apologies to anyone who thought I was being short with them or was simply acting out of it. The sinuses are still acting up, and I seem to have managed to get just a bit of the concrud, which is why I haven't been online much at all this week. I need to get better so I can have the laser procedure on my left eye next week. 

Yes, the surgeon's equipment finally got repaired and I hope this will help one of my eye issues. The only downside is that I haven't made my deductible yet, so this will cost me considerably more than the office copay it would have cost in December. Still, if it means I can see better it will be well worth the cost. 

THEN I can order new contacts. The insurance should cover at least part of that.

Gonna try and eat a little lunch and see if my body will cooperate. Have a good weekend!

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