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The Week of Education

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Just a reminder (not that I post here as often as I should) that I'm taking my Spring Week of Education and will be generally unavailable.

How am I spending the week?

Both Paul and I are attending the Microsoft Build Conference, virtually. It doesn't start for a bit today as they're on Pacific Time. 

Before the conference started yesterday, we went out for His and Hers booster shots. How romantic. In sickness and health, indeed. I have some vaccine fog today, so please forgive typos and the like.

I'm catching up on some other educational things in between sessions.

I'm prepping for SoonerCon next month, where I'll be doing a workshop for kids on soft circuits, and one for the adults on CircuitPython for lights in props and costumes. There's a fee for that one, but you get to take home your very own Gemma processor and some other goodies. We're also doing the radio play. That's all in addition to any other panels they want to put me on. Should be a fun weekend!

We're still trying to catch up on work around the house. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know what's been going on. For the rest of you, here's the story:

We discovered we needed a new roof. (Leaks are no fun. Ask Me How I Know!) In the process of getting estimates we discovered that we couldn't get a decent warranty unless we fixed the foundation. Of course, that needed to be done before the roof repairs. 

The foundation work was extensive. I live in North Texas, where the soil is shiftier than your average politician, which gives the term "moving house" a whole new meaning. This involved much excavation and jackhammering, including four spots indoors. So we'll need to replace some flooring. But wait! There's a warranty, and it will be void if there are plumbing issues in the foundation. Guess what the plumbing test found? We're trying to book a second opinion on that. In the meantime, we have area rugs and the like covering the places where the carpet was torn up.

The roofing people were ready to go, except the shingles had to be ordered and might take a month. I think they date they gave us on that is tomorrow, but I could be wrong. The roofers are also putting in rain gutters as that's required by the warranty. 

We've been dealing with this since about the middle of March, and it's getting very tiring. 

But hey, now you have the lowdown on what's going on here. 

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