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Monday Mumblings Has a Sinus Explosion

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Monday, October 18, 2021

It's a no-pollen day here, but my sinuses are calling fake news. 

You read the first part right. A zero pollen day in North Texas. There's still a fairly significant fungus count, which is probably the thing that's making the sinuses go crazy. I shall spare you the description of the crazy. You're welcome.

Had a good - if kind of crazy - weekend. Paul took Friday off (so no entry here) and we took Daenerys to the vet for a med checkup. She's probably going to be on allergy meds for the rest of her life. Expensive allergy meds, so we get them from a mail order pharmacy. The vet wanted to see her before he renewed the prescription. Never mind that she was in for her annual over the summer. They had to do a blood draw, and I guess that was a messy experience all around. We just know she was brought back wet (they had to clean her up) and she shed enough hair to give the employee who did the draw a nice coat. It was hard to tell her scrub was blue. I guess the cat really threw a fit. We were told she lived up to her name.

Went out for Tex-Mex at our favorite place. Yum!

Spent a bunch of time trolling Archive.org for documents relating to a couple of projects. Yes, I know about the lawsuit, but this was the New York Public Library collection they host, and everything was out of copyright. Fair game.

I have family business tomorrow, so I'll probably not be posting.

Time go to dynamite my sinuses again.

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