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Well, THAT Was Interesting

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Today that creepy person at the mall just may have been me. But it was all in the spirit of commerce, I promise!

Chris and I went shopping for clothes today. We split up and I attacked the clearance racks. There was another interesting sale going on as well. Dillard's is closing the store near us, and all their store fixtures are on sale. Most of you know I make and sell accessories under the name Steam Cat, and as such I'm always on the lookout for items I can use for display and photography. On one of the jewelry counters (only $250 apiece!) was a pair of shoe forms (NOT $250 each):


Why yes, I can use those for display and photography so ankle spats don't fall over like a limp batch of overcooked broccoli. (Pardon the crappy cell phone picture.) The price was right, and so I bought 'em. The lady who sold them was obviously curious as to why I'd want those and so I explained how I'd use them. Turns out she makes hats! Small world. Anyway, I paid for the items and she put them in a clear plastic bag.

Before I even got out of the store, bits were poking out of the bag, so I found myself walking through the mall, cradling a pair of plastic feet. Oh, no. Not creepy at all. 

So if you saw a crazy lady at the mall today with an extra pair of feet, keep in mind that she wasn't a fetishist. Just a businesswoman who knows a bargain when she sees one. 

Oh, and I did find some clothes. No shoes. Somehow that would have been very wrong.

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