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Monday Mumblings Didn't Get The Memo. Again.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Where I have I been? Working my tail off. I have a project I've been trying to finish for a week, and I'm going to get it done today come hell or high water.

There's an adage something along the lines that it's easier to act first and apologize later. Stop it.

Stop. It.

For the last month I have borne the brunt of that policy from many, many directions. Every single time I have to drop what I'm doing and take care of things. Emergencies happen, but as another adage goes, lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

I just have a few common sense requests:

1. Answer your email. About half of my backlog is due to others not answering simple questions. How long does a yes or no take? How long does it take to drop someone a line and say "I'm still researching that question." 

2. Don't fill up my calendar for me. I have an events page here. These are my public events, and I may have private items on my calendar as well. Yeah, the nerve of me to have a life. Before you set a date for an event you want me to be involved in (a meeting, etc.) ask. It's the polite thing to do.

3. Yes, emergencies happen. But this has been one of those months when I've been so busy putting out fires that shouldn't have been emergencies due to lack of planning, that real emergencies totally threw me for a loop.

Yes, I'm cranky. I need sleep. I need a day off. I'm going to work very hard to try to get to everything over the next two days. The first job is this unfinished project. Deadline is approaching, and it's one I can't let slide. 

So while I'm finishing my work this morning, please check and see if you owe me an email. I'd appreciate a response so I can carry on. Please, for the love of Ghu do not wait until the last freaking second. When everyone does that, this is what happens. 

Thank you.

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