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Attacking The Messenger

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I'm following (and yes, participating in) a discussion thread following a Dallas Morning News editorial about gutter talk and political discourse

They made the point that, instead of attacking people for things that aren't even related to their viewpoint, we should be focusing on the issues instead. The ensuing comments are full of proof that instead of looking at the issues, we attack the messenger. "(Sandra) Fluke is a liberal shill," is a common quote. One goes so far as to say she's an ugly Feminazi. 

Those who are looking at the issues are buying into the rhetoric that it's about public dollars paying for birth control.

No, it's about people getting insurance benefits they're paying through the nose for. Some insurance plans cover Viagra and not birth control. Or, they cover Viagra much better than they cover birth control. 

And before you start talking about recreational uses, let's look at Sildenafil, shall we? It was originally a drug for pulmonary hypertension, and is still prescribed for that purpose. Until someone noticed an interesting side effect.  What if you were prescribed Sildenafil for a cardiovascular problem, took your prescription pharmacy, then were told it was not covered or offered at a vastly reduced co-pay compared to other medications because you might use it for an evening of "recreation?" THIS is what women with polycystic ovary disease, intense cramps, and a myriad of other medical issues face when they go fill a birth control prescription. 

I'm not asking the government to cover birth control. I'm asking insurers who cover Viagra well to do the same for birth control. Both drugs are used to treat serious medical conditions. 

This isn't about who's the bigger slut or who is the most ugly. It's about coverage of basic health needs. And to launch a personal attack against someone simply because they don't share your views is utterly without class.

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3/6/2012 11:36:32 AM
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