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Monday Mumblings Misses the Weekend

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Work. Meetings. Meetings. Work. I'm taking part of today off just to clear my head.

Part of the work was my fault. Discovered some bugs in a web application I've been working on, which meant I had to sit down and squash them. (Uh, no. I did not squash them by sitting down. I lost weight last week!)

Yesterday was a convention meeting. Lots to do, and we got it done! 

Chris started his summer school session today, and after he got home from class we went back to the campus for the summer textbook extortion buying trip. The teacher swore they could buy a code from the bookstore that gets them the ebook and online materials, and the bookstore swears such a thing isn't available. The only option is to spend over $100 for a "custom" package that includes the book and the code for the ebook and online materials. Insane. Really.

We did spot an amusing typo at an office adjacent to the bookstore. The window signage and brochures touted that this was the home of an honors program. The door number plaque said the "honor's" program was housed in that particular office. Think all that money I'm shelling out for textbooks and tuition will help pay for proofreaders? 

Oh, and still no news from the bank. No, I take that back. Online I see that a "teller transaction" for the amount mistakenly pulled from my account last week is processing. Hooray. I'm gonna need that money for a textbook.

Watch for a links post in a bit. Then it's off to finish laundry and figure out why the heck Gmail is no longer syncing with my mobile devices.

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