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Monday Mumblings Tries for a Three-Day Weekend

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Monday, July 4, 2011

The quest for the three-day weekend is working out so far. Friday afternoon I sent a note out to most of the folks with whom I do various bits of business warning that I would take the weekend off and I probably wouldn't answer emails unless it was an emergency. I made one exception on Saturday, and that was for someone who didn't get the memo because they weren't on the list. 

Spent more of the weekend than I wanted cleaning up cat gifts, and somewhat injuring myself in the process. Of course. The cats did allow me to spend Friday reading. I finished Gail Carriger's Heartless. It was a fun read.

Shot fireworks last night. Or rather, watched the guys shoot. Cat gift-related injuries involved a knee and a foot, which made running after lighting a fuse problematic. So I sat at the sidelines, shot 400 pictures or so, and breathed in way too much smoke. 

Here's the guys having fun:

fireworks 189

More at Flickr.

Time to rustle up some lunch. And even though it's a three-day weekend, I still have laundry. Might do some sewing today. I'm looking at a thrift store find that I bought to tear apart and make a pattern from. The find was under $5, and a pattern would have been $20. The only problem is that the find fits, and that makes me reluctant to take it apart. If all my problems were of that caliber.

Enjoy your holiday.

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