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Friday, February 4, 2011

First, thanks for all the visits this week. I saw quite a spike in stats. (Remember, if you're on Facebook click the "View Full Post" link to get to the journal. Sometimes pictures and videos don't translate over to there very well.)

For your reward, you get the same reward that was presented to us today:


Blue skies! Ain't it lovely? It got all the way up to 28F this afternoon. The prediction for tomorrow is about 38F, which means we should be able to get out and stock up again for the next round. Yep, there's a chance of snow on Sunday and again on Wednesday, though Tuesday is supposed to warm up to 53F or so. That may not be enough to melt the last of the snow, but it ought to ensure the roads are clear in case it does snow on Wednesday. At this point it looks like it may not get above freezing on Wednesday. But if there's little or no snow, driving shouldn't be a problem.

Still, this is Texas, and if there's one thing both of my loyal readers have learned about this state, it's that the weather here can turn on a dime and leave nine shiny pennies in change.

So yes, I WILL get out of the house tomorrow. I bought food for four days and it will have stretched to six by tomorrow morning. And I'll be out of coffee beans. That right there is going to force me out of the house. I did find my emergency stash of vacuum-packed ground coffee, but really, that's a last resort, when it's time to decide between Johnson and Hodges. And the peaches. And the avocados.

My really cunning plan is that the streets will be in good enough shape that I can get to the fabric store so I can get some trim and lining for the unfinished projects. I did cut out the lining for the cloak today. I think it's going to look gorgeous - black velvet with a red satin lining. I'd like to find some lace for the trim. If nothing else I should be able to make it by a local thrift store, where I hope to find something I can rework into a jacket. We'll see.

The challenge now is to get through one more night. We're looking at a low of 13F. I'll take the usual precautions and leave the blanket on Paul's side of the bed on for the cats.

Speaking of Paul, we had a video chat of sorts today. He sprung for an hour of Internet connectivity at 10 Euros (!) and we got to see each other, at least. The connection was choppy, and I could barely hear him. But at least he got to see us and the cats and take a look at our weather. It's still warmer in Austria than here in Texas.

It was still snowing when he called. Of course, I'm sure he's getting his share of the stuff over there, but he was nice enough to give the old "oooh, ahhh."

It's pushing 10, and I think I'll give it up for the night and snuggle under the covers. If you're in North America, stay warm. If you're in Australia, stay dry. If you're in Austria, my husband is driving - beware! Actually, he's a good driver and has navigated the roads in Europe before. But you know, three makes a joke.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend!

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