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Monday Mumblings wonders where the weekend went

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Last we week were watching the first episode of "Downton Abbey." Someone at the dinner table mentioned the weekend, and one of the characters - the daughter of a duke - asked, "what's a weekend?" I ask the same question, but for different reasons.

Friday we flipped the DNS on a site I help manage. The whole act of moving to a new web host is fraught with peril, and I spent much of the weekend tracking down bad MX records database connections with typos, the usual suspects. That was when I wasn't trying to figure out why I couldn't send documents to my printer. I had a contract to analyze, and really needed to print it so I could look at it side-by-side with the previous version. My print jobs would go to the queue ... and then vanish into the ether(net). I finally found a diagnostic utility from the printer manufacturer hidden in the Internet equivalent of the disused lavatory in the basement with the BEWARE OF THE LEOPARD sign on the door. Fixed the problem in five minutes.

I want those two days of my life back.

Except for Saturday night. Paul and I went out to a Very Nice Restaurant for our wedding anniversary. The food was delicious. Paul and I agree that the salad was the best we'd ever had. The greens were a standard mix of baby greens, but it was paired with Roquefort cheese, pecans, and an amazing vinaigrette dressing. The pepper on the salad just made the flavors do things in my mouth that should be illegal in most states. I exaggerate. Maybe just a couple of red states. Anyway, it was delicious and we had a grand time.

I paid for it last night - and not in the send money to the charge card way. Oh, it was SO worth it.

I even bought a new outfit for the occasion, and broke out the newish Victorian-styled ankle boots with the quite high (for me, at least) spiked heels. Gosh, I went somewhere and didn't look like a frump! And yes, I did survive the evening in those shoes.

Took this morning off to run some errands. Chris and I went to Starbucks and I went to sell a few books back to the used bookstore and pick up more. Today's purchases were books on Victorian clothing. One, published by the Victoria and Albert Museum, is all about the details on various bits of clothing. Another is a French book translated into English concerning the history of clothing in that era. Looks utterly fascinating.

While I've been very busy with projects, writing hasn't been going well. I tweeted to someone today that I expect my muse has gone off into The Gorge of Eternal Peril. I'm just going to ignore her for a few days. She hates that, and will be back.In the meantime, I have a lot of FenCon business to get out of the way this week, which means she'll show up on Friday when I'm utterly swamped with last-minute stuff.

Speaking of which, our big kick-off meeting is Saturday night. Details at fencon.org.

I'm off to bed. Should I read the fashion book, or "Topper Takes A Trip?" Decisions, decisions...

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