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Friday Gasps For Breath

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Friday, August 13, 2010

But you don't want to know about my lungs, you want to know about the cat!

Sorry about the quality of the picture. This is the curtain we built a week ago. And yes, I did close the lid on the washing machine after I took the picture.

This is her isolation booth - the utility room. She's very comfortable and has plenty to eat and drink, plus a few toys. Anyway, she had a "torture session" (well, it probably is from her POV. She gets stood up on her hind legs, cleaned, and sprayed with stingy stuff from a bottle that makes hissing noises) shortly before this picture was shot. I can see a lot of improvement in the affected area, but there are still some spots that need to heal more before we can remove the Cone of Abject Humiliation for good. She does still get supervised cone-free time.

Little else has been going on, besides work on a few projects and cat "torture."

Well, I have been playing more with my Pandigital Novel. The geeks over at Slatedroid have been busy. I've even managed to contribute one minor piece to the puzzle. I'm still learning a lot about Android, so I'm not as up to speed on it as these folks are. However, there have been several speed improvements - some via firmware updates from Pandigital - and a few modifications to make the tablet easier to use. I purchased my first ebook earlier in the week, and promptly ran into what appeared to be a DRM-related brick wall. The problem seems to have been firmware-related, and after much wailing and gnashing of teeth and re-flashing the firmware, I got it to work. Oh, the joys of living on the bleeding edge of technology.

Well, it's about time to think about shutting down for the weekend. I think I just heard the garage door slam down, which means Paul should be home. Ah, yes. Here he is.

Have  good weekend.

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