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Friday Fires

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Friday, July 9, 2010

It was a typical - if busy - day: Laundry, errands, answering questions, working on a meeting agenda, dealing with some fallout from last week's vacation-ruining incident, cleaning cat gifts, rotating the mattress, taking Kid to buy jeans to replace the pair that had worn out in an embarrassing spot, fruitless tweaking of the spam filters - a standard day of putting out virtual fires.

Imagine my bemusement when I answered a call, ready to chew out another phone solicitor. It was someone calling from the place where we have a storage unit. There had been a "small fire" in the building. Our unit looked safe, but could we drop by and unlock it and check inside?

Of course.

I started out to the storage unit as the rain moved in. I got there to find a large skip filled with boxes opposite the door to the building housing our unit, and several remediation trucks. This did not look good. I noticed the door to the ground floor propped open with a fire extinguisher. Doubly not good.

I took the elevator up to the floor which houses our unit. I had visions of wet furniture. Everything was dry. I opened the door and checked inside, crawling around the furniture. All dry. Much rejoicing.

It was still raining when I got back to the car. On the way home I stopped at a traffic light. It seemed to stay red for longer than usual, but I figured that since it was approaching rush hour it wasn't a big deal. Then someone behind me started honking and would not stop. What was I supposed to do? The light was red. The light changed, and someone was stopped partway in the intersection. So I went through slowly, since it was wet and had no idea what the other driver was going to do. The other car kept honking as cars went slowly around it. I got a few blocks down to my turn, and the driver gave me another blast on the horn for good measure. Some people!

So back home to finish laundry, put clean sheets on the bed, discover another cat gift (not on the bed), let Abby out of the collar for a bit, discover she went straight for the hot spot, take her in for a treatment...

Happy Friday, everyone.

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