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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Think before you act.

I'm glad I did just that yesterday. I'll spare you the boring personal details, but getting out of the house and shopping was certainly the wise thing to do.

And speaking of such, $4 seems to be my price point. Look what I picked up today:

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Apparently Twitpic likes thumbnails. It's a vintage hat, complete with original label. It's in fantastic shape - particularly the feathers and netting.

Also while shopping, the worst version of "Volare" ever. Anyone remember the "Quantum Leap" episode where Sam sang "Volare?" He did the whole lounge lizard routine. It was hilarious. Imagine those song stylings performed in all seriousness. My ears were bleeding.

Bowling tonight. Did okay, but the main idea was to get out of the house.

And now I'm off to read. Good night.

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