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SoonerCon Schedule

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Monday, May 31, 2010

This looks like a fun weekend:

Friday 500pm, Room 401: Reading

Saturday 1200pm, Room 103: Keeping Your Day Job: What Writers/Artists Do to Support Their Careers

Saturday 400pm, Room 402: Radio Show: Signup and Rehearsal

Saturday 500pm, Room 103: How Did Fandom Change Your Life?

Saturday 600pm, Atrium: Radio Show

Sunday 1000am, Atrium: Koffeeklatch

Sunday 200pm, Room 101: Books and Ideas

In addition, I'll be showing (and selling) some of my photography in the art show. And FenCon will hold a party Saturday night.

I'm going to try to pull together a surprise or two for the reading. I'm going to plan for 20 minutes. I haven't heard yet who I'll be sharing the slot with - or who any of my co-panelists will be. I expect I'll be surprised when I get there, eh?

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