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I'll Blame It All On The Chili!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So I cooked a huge batch of chili for the FenCon folks to take to ConCarolinas next weekend. That's this year's DeepSouthCon, and FenCon will be hosing the event next year. (Full disclosure, I'm head masochist chair for FenCon at present.) Last year, I made chili at the very last minute. It was still warm when it left the house for the trek.I was worried about it, but it went over well.

This year, I decided to try to quantify my chili recipe. I just add seasonings until it tastes right. One day I put an equal amount of each seasoning in a ramekin and then measured the leftovers when I was finished.

Yesterday I made two triple batches of the stuff. Yes, that works out to a total of six batches of chili. Each batch makes 4-6 bowls. Yes, that's a LOT of chili. I spent all afternoon on my feet, cooking. About 10:00 the chili was done and had cooled to the point where I could package them in containers to refrigerate. Today they went into the freezer.

After this morning's plumbing fiasco I went out for lunch with Paul, then came home to work on a piece of art. I got the bit I wanted to finished, but it looks pretty bare at this point. I'm hoping to get it finished in the next week. We shall see.

Then there was a quick trip out to wrap up the last thing that had gone south on Friday. (It's something business related. Happy ending. Much rejoicing.) Back home to do a bit more on the art, and now a breather. Busy, busy.

There is a minor update on the plumbing. Rather than replacing a part, it looks like the float needs some adjustment. I'll figure it out.

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